What You Find Depends on How You Look

Insurers for termite companies frequently ask why our experts used by Campbell Law PC survey more areas of a victim’s home than the termite companies experts do. It’s because our experts inspect to the degree recommended by the pest control industry’s trade association and nationally recognized entomologists, they do not. Experts sent by the insurance companies or the lawyer’s those insurers hire often claim they did not see what our experts reported. This could be because it is more advantageous for the defense to be ignorant of evidence of negligence and wrongdoing than to confirm the presence of potentially damning information.

However, one thing is true: if you do not use all the tools that the National Pest Management Association and other industry-connected groups recommend then you have not performed a comprehensive investigation of the property.

In the attached photo, experts hired by the insurers for Alabama Termite and Pest Control are looking at the wooden foundation from the ground with flashlights. For reasons unexplainable, the experts did not remove temporary siding that was covering what the homeowners believed was shredded wood.


On the contrary, our expert Paul Bello, lower right, used the ladder shown above and found wood in the foundation which crumbled in his hands. The method he used to find the damage was not complicated. He simply used the ladder to climb up and remove the siding. The defense should have done the same thing beforehand, considering that they were first on the scene, had the ability to do so, and since it was a necessary part of the investigation. Later Mr. Bello used this evidence to prove to the judge and jury that the home was in bad shape. He also notified them that the rival inspectors failure to find the damage behind the siding meant that they had not complied with the accepted inspection standards.

You must use all the tools necessary for an inspection to be qualified as adequate. Mr. Bello made these recommendations in an article published by an entomologist journal in the 1990’s. Mr. Bello believes that you must “leave no stone unturned” – especially when the home you are inspecting has never had an adequate termite barrier.and the company that was responsible its non-application has destroyed every pesticide use record for every home ever contracted.

In a sworn deposition testimony, company president, Ken Estes admitted that he and the former president of the company personally destroy the treatment records for thousands of customer accounts with a high-powered shredder. Mr. Estes also alleged that the company’s insurers forced the company to add a clause to their contracts which allowed for the records to be destroyed at the will of the company. If you shred all of your customer records you are trying to hide something. Alabama regulators hold that record destruction is prohibited specifically in the pest control industry because records are necessary to prove that the work was done safely and effectively. Joe Debrow, Alabama’s top regulatory official and watchdog for consumers said that changing the contracts was a deceitful act. He instructed the company to cease and desist from informing customers of the contractual addition. Alabama Termite and Pest Control ‘s owner testified the company continued to send letters and included a claim that damages by the company would be capped at $10,000 (This is not legally acceptable).

The homeowners involved in the lawsuit are a Pelham, AL family with four young children. They face financial ruin because half of their home may have to be rebuilt due to Formosan termite damage. The victims claim the home lost $195,000 of its value as a result because there is no market for selling homes with such severe damage and a history of never being protected from termites. The family will be dislocated for three to four months while repairs are made.

If you suspect your pest control company didn’t perform a comprehensive inspection of your property, contact us. We are extremely knowledgeable in all the tricks of the pest control trade. We will evaluate your claim free of charge, so you risk nothing by reaching out to us. You could be making a huge mistake by blindly accepting your pest control companies evaluation.

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