Do You Have to Be A Former Management-side Labor Lawyer to See Termite Damage Like This in an Attic?

The answer is no. There are two ways to find it. First, you can climb up the pull-down ladder, crawl down the planks resting on the ceiling joists, get filthy, sweat like a pig and shine a flashlight toward the eaves. Second, you can skip interior inspections or chit-chat with the homeowner and wait for the ceiling to collapse. Then you can stand on a ladder in the living room and look above the kitchen to see where the roof is falling-in. If you skipped ever providing a complete termite prevention treatment, and you are the termite company, and your customer is 86 years-old, what do you do? You guessed it. The company chose the second option. However, they also decided not to tell the owner the roof was eaten-up even after the ceiling fell-in. You tell her you will install a new new ceiling and all will be well. Because, really, is an 86 year-old woman going to climb the ladder? No, she will not.

But, her son will.  He will get on Google and find lawyers that will climb into the attic to gather the evidence too. These pictures show termite damage or signs of termite infestation that were visible to the name eye, and the lens of a camera to LAWYERS willing to crawl over ceiling joists. D&A Exterminating in New Orleans, La. knew this home had severe termite damage and pledged to repair “the damage” that the homeowner’s son found. But they did not disclose how extensive the damage was and did not even look. In essence, they were offering to apply patches to conceal the extent of damage. When your client is healthy and can look over your shoulder but is paying you “to do the dirty work” this is not excusable. When you client is an 86 year-old woman who could not look over your shoulder even if she knew how, it is truly immoral.

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Properly performed termite prevention service would work almost 100% of the time. Let folks who understand why that is a fact figure out how the termite company failed to protect.

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