Wooden chimneys tend to leak when the structural support has been eaten away by termites. The walls adjacent to the fireplace showed cracks which is a common sign showing that the walls had shifted. Both of these facts should’ve of been known by Knox’s representatives. Yet none of this was disclosed to the cancer stricken homeowner when he was asked to sign the release.

An arbitration claim was filed on December 23, 2014. The case alleged that the defendant committed several forms of fraud that stemmed from the company’s technicians performing incomplete termite treatments, and for the misrepresentation of the degree of damage that existed in the home. The suit claims that the value of the home decreased hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the termite infestation and subsequent damage to the property.

If you suspect that your pest control providers incomplete treatments have resulted in an active termite infestation, contact us. We are extremely familiar the circumstances surrounding home infestation including knowledge of pests and the pest control trade. You never know if the situation is much worse than it looks, so reach out to us. Your claim will be evaluated free of charge.

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