Pest Control Company Owner Pleads the Fifth: Refuses to Identify Cartel Members

The owner of Bozeman Pest Control will be on trial during the week of June 8th for selling termite bonds without providing any subsequent termite prevention treatments. Mr. Bozeman refused to testify that there were other companies in central Alabama that provide no termite prevention treatments after the sale of their bonds. Here is precisely what he said when he asserted his constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination therefore refusing to testify: Ironically in the process of refusing to answer the question he admits that other companies are doing the same thing he did.

Deposition taken at Campbell Law PC on April 13, 2015: Vol. I, (Pages 111:23 to 112:17)
23 Q. You said as of 2006, you can’t identify any
1 competitors who were not doing termite treatments
2 when they would say they were doing a warranty
3 takeover. Prior to 2006, what was the last
4 company that you’re aware of that was using that
5 practice?
6 MR. PAUL JAMES: Object to the form. If you
7 know.
8 A. Are you asking me to tell on somebody else,
9 is that what you’re asking me to do?
10 Q. Yes, sir.
11 MR. JAMES: If you know anybody.
12 A. I mean, there were several out there, but
13 I’m going to have to plead the Fifth on that. I
14 don’t want to bring anybody else into my
15 situation. I think that’s wrong morally. I
16 object. I have to plead the Fifth there. I’m
17 sorry.

His business employs deceptive and illegal business practices, yet he refuses to identify other companies who do the same thing because doing so wouldn’t be moral. If you are a pest-control employee or a pest-control customer and you are aware of any wrongdoing, we would like to hear from you.

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